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"The final product was comprehensive and detailed, and I also want to thank you for distilling all this information together and presenting it to our team and then to a larger audience of the Admissions counseling staff in a way non-technical people could understand.

I believe that our investment with your company will payoff for us several-fold: in knowing which prospective students can be influenced to consider MCC and in developing a marketing plan that is based on a solid understanding of this market"
Marketing Communications
Monroe Community College

Market Insights

Market Segmentation / Target Markets
Market Dynamics
Secondary Research

Market Segmentation / Target Markets

Segmentation is the process of dividing a market into groups of potential customers with similar and identifiable needs.  There are many ways to segment markets. Five common segmentation approaches include: geographic; socioeconomic; psychographic; product usage; and by common perceived benefit or need.

By segmenting your market, you are better able to:
  • design products and services that meet the needs of the marketplace
  • develop effective promotional strategies
  • evaluate competition and positioning

Segmentation helps you to target those customers most likely to use your products and services, so that you do not waste precious time and energy pursuing those that have little or no interest in your products or services. Let us help you understand your markets and segmentation.

Market Dynamics

The only thing constant is change. Finding current answers to the following questions can help you estimate the opportunity for your products and / or services.

  • How large is your market and its segments?
  • Is the market growing, staying the same, or declining?
  • What is the rate of change?
  • What share or percentage of the market do you currently own?
  • Who are your competitors and what share of the market do they command?
  • What are the key market influencers that would change distribution of share or rate of change?

Secondary Research

The answers to the above questions can sometimes be found by piecing together a mosaic of available information from a variety of reliable sources.  We can help you accomplish this by accessing and synthesizing vasts amounts of existing market information for you, and presenting it to you in a way that you can quickly grasp what is currently known about your markets.
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