Karlamar Associates is a market research company near Rochester NY
"Karla was very comprehensive in not only overseeing the broader strategic picture for this project, but also was directly hands-on in managing the deeper details of the project.

Karla’s expertise, insights, and overall contributions helped to ensure that this project’s final deliverables were of the highest level of data integrity possible. She provided exceptional work and follow-up every step of the way, taking care that every detail was executed properly.

This was a valuable management project and I felt she delivered on all fronts. I would highly recommend her firm to any party interested in securing a reliable and insightful research partner."
Sr. Manager Market Research

Karlamar Associates LLC

Located in upstate New York, Karlamar Associates is a premium provider of market research services, dedicated to meeting the needs of marketing professionals, product delivery teams, and decision makers, across all product and service categories. Our team of professionals has decades of experience in market research, new product development and lead-edge information technology practices.

What sets Karlamar Associates apart from other market research firms, is our …

  • Dedication to our clients and to their success
  • Ability to cost-effectively deliver timely and usable research results
  • Ability to present results and recommendations in the context of the client's business environment
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong blend of conceptual, strategic and operational skills and knowledge
  • Ability to apply the right combination of innovative methods to solve our clients problems
  • Use of our proprietary, web-based tools for conducting qualitative and quantitative market research
  • Flexibility and ability to tailor our methods to meet your needs
  • Knowledge of what and how information is used to make business decisions
  • First-hand experience in new product and service development

    And most important of all, we're fun to work with!

Karlamar Associates can help your organization use market research to…

  • Uncover emerging market needs before your competitors do
  • Foster collaboration between your marketing and engineering groups by facilitating a common understanding of customer needs
  • Internalize and apply the results across all organizational levels and functions
  • Translate the "Voice of the Customer" into actionable product requirements and specifications

Call us when you need market research to…

  • Have the best information to make strategic decisions
  • Identify and target the best market segments for your products or services
  • Assess the effectiveness of your competitors' products and strategies
  • Understand what your customers really think of your products or services
  • Identify what customers expect and want in future products
  • Optimize your product and service offerings
  • Know what differentiates your products from the rest of the pack
  • Determine what customers are willing to pay for your product or service
  • Effectively position and price your offerings
  • Turn first-time customers into loyal, repeat customers

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